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G 1000 Series

Delta Ohm

Soil thermometer
Hay thermometer
SoilTemp 285

Universal, ready soil thermometer with backlight, integrated alarm function and stainless steel temperature probe. Suitable for:
  • Soil
  • Silage
  • Compost
  • Landfills
HayTemp 285

High-qualitiy thermometer specially for the fast and precise determination of the temperature in hay and straw.
  • Inclusive 4 meter fibreglas sensor
  • With display lighting
  • Alarm function
pH measuring device with gel electrode
GPH 114

ph-measuring device with stabil new gel electrode GE114.
Follow up model of the classic GPH014

  • Water
  • Fishkeeping
  • Drinking water
  • Process monitoring
  • Soil monitoring
  • Swimming pool
  • Food control

NEW !! NEW !! NEW !!
CO (Carbon Monoxide) - Meter

GIR 300

Universal displaying and controlling device

  • New construction 36x 72 mm
  • Easy handling
  • High precision
GCO 100
High quality CO measuring device, for measuring carbon monoxide concentration up to 1000 ppm (0,1 Vol %) in the ambient air.

Via freely adjustable alarm function, the instrument caution the user both optically and acoustically against a dangerous gas concentration.
pH measuring set
GMH 3511 - SET

Completely ready pH-measuring-set inclusive stabil gel-electrode, temperature sensor and buffer capsules.
Follow up model of the classic GPRT1400 and GPHR1400
  • Exchangeable BNC-elecrtode
  • Analogue output
  • Automatically temperature compensation

Temperature Probes with approval according to ATEX
Capacitive moisture measurement device
GTF 101 / 102 / 103
Ex - temperature probes to use for explosion proof areas in zone 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22   
The probes are available with Pt 100, Pt 1000 or thermocouple type K         

GMK 100


  • Non-destructive moisture measurement 
  • Moisture display in %
  • Acoustical and visual moisture rating
  • Special material characteristics for wood and building materials
  • 2 different measurement depths
  • Backlight

Wood, Concrete, Screed, Plaster

    More Highlights from our Product Range
Pure Water and Ultra-Pure Water Analysis
GLF 100 RW
Conductivity handheld meter for measuring of pure and ultra-pure water with high-quality stainless steel electrode.

  • Resolution 0,001µS/cm
  • Resistivity
  • nLF to EN 27 888
  • NaCl to EN 60746-3

  • Checking of boiler water
  • Funktional test of ion exchangers
  • und much more
  • more ...
    Vakuum-/Barometer and Manometer
    GDH 200-14

    Compact device for Universal application.
    Measuring range:
    0 ... 11000 mbar abs. or -1 ... 10.000 bar rel.

  • Resolution 1 mbar
  • Slope adjustment
  • Offset adjustment
  • Sea level-adjustment

  • more ...
    Digital barometer
    GPB 3300

    High-precision barometer with tight tolerances. This is the standard instrument for weather analysis.

  • Resolution 0.1 mbar
  • Slope adjustment
  • Offset adjustment
  • Sea level-adjustment

  • more ...
    Water Analysis: Conductivity
    GLF 100
    Universal usable conductivity meter with long-lasting 2-Pole graphite electrode and hiqh-quality measurement technology.

  • 3 Measuring Ranges 2000µS, 20mS, 100mS
  • Temperature Display
  • Salinity, TDS
  • autom. temperature compensation
  • nLF according to EN 27888
  • Adjustable
  • more ...
    Climate Data Logger
    Data logger for recording humidity, temperature and air pressure at the same time.

    Additionally the measurement categories wet bulb temperature, dew point temperature, enthalpy or atmospheric humidity could be recorded
    • 200.000 measurement values
    • max. 64 recording sequences
    • double display
    more ...
    CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Transducer
    CO2 - transducer for measuring the carbon dioxide concentration in all areas of the facility management. Connectable via 4-20mA output signal to existing controllers, control systems etc.

  • range 0...2000ppm
  • excellent long term 
  • auto-calibration procedure
  • output signal freely
  • more ...
    CO (Carbon Monoxide) Transducer
    High quality TÜV certified CO transmitter for detection of carbon monoxide in underground garages, parking garages, boiler plants, heating systems as well as ambient air.

  • range 0...300ppm
  • long-lasting sensor
  • automat. zero calibration
  • TÜV certification
        according to VDI 2053
  • more ...
    Conductivity Transmitter

    GLMU 200 MP incl. 4-pol electrode
    Electrically isolated Conductivity transmitter with integrated microprocesser and extended functional range. Alternatively salinity (salt content of sea water), TdS or the specific resistance could be output as output signal. Furthermore the output signal is freely adjustable.

    more ...
    Pt100 High-Precision Thermometer
    GMH 3710 / GMH 3750
    4-wire high-precision thermometer with a high accuracy for all calibaration problems. Excellent suitability as reference instrument for temperature. 2 Measurement Ranges: -199,99 ... +199,99°C and -200,0 ...+850,0°C. More Features: Alarm, Analog Output,  Input of a user-specific charact. curve, logger function etc.         more ...
    Exhaust Gas Temperature Measurement in Motor Vehicle
    For measurement and indication of exhaust gas temperatures up to 1000°C in motor vehicles, we recommend the following complete service package. This combination will be commonly used in motor sports due to it\'s high dependability.          more ...
    Miniature Indicator / Controller for Mounting
    GIA 20 EB
    Universal input for standard signals (e.g. 4-20mA), restistance thermometer (Pt100, Pt1000), frequency, thermocouples (Typ J, K, N, S, T) and rotatonal speed. Entire EasyBus- Modul with serial interface and 2 switching outputs. Simple manual handling or easily operated configuration software free of charge.          more ...
    Digital Fine Manometer
    GDH 200-07
    Handy size instrument for measuring overpressure, underpressure, draught or pressure in the flue gas channel. Measuring on gas firing devices. 
    2 measurement ranges 0,00 ... 19,99mbar and 0,0 ... 199,9mbar          more ...
    Measurement of Residual Oxygen
    GMH 3691 GOG
    With the well-proven device GMH 3691 and the oxygen probe GOG, we offer a solution for measuring residual oxygen e.g. in food packaging filled with protective atmosphere. Advantage: Fast measurement of even tiniest amounts of residual oxygen, low-priced measuring set.          more ...
    Digital Humidity- / Temperature Transmitter
    GRHU...MP / GTHU...MP
    Digital humidity and temperature transmitter with on-site display. The measuring range 0...100%r.h. and -40...+120°C are free adjustable. Other highlights are: min. / max. value memory, offset / slope digitally adjustable etc.      more ...
    Differential Controller
    GIR 230 NTC / DIF
    Temperature difference controller in baby-sized format  24x48mm, for simultaneous connection of 2 temperature probes. 2 continuously adjustable switching points, whereas the both relays respond selectively to difference, probe 1 or probe 2. Therefore this controller is especially qualified for a solar regulation.          more ...
    Wood Moisture Measuring Instrument
    GMH 3810
    Compact handheld instrument for measuring the moisture of wood, plaster and construction materials. Due to integrated measuring needles, no further accessories will be needed. Features: approx. 500 char. curves, humidity estimation etc.          more ...

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    Product Catalog 2018

    Our product catalog 2018
    is ready for download.
    Software Updates 2012

    In our Download-Area you will find our free updates:

  • GMH Konfig - V2.1. 
  • GSOFT 3050 - V3.2 

  • Miniature Mounting Temperature Controller

    GIR 230 NTC

    Digital baby-sized format 24x48mm temperature controller with on-off switching function and alarm output.
    This all-purpose controller has a temperature range from -40...+120°C and could be used in freezers, control cabinets etc.
    Infrared Transmitter

    IR-CT 20
    Precise noncontact temperature measurement from -40...900°C, with one of the smallest infrared sensors worldwide.
    The rugged measuring head is useable up to 180°C ambient temperature without cooling .
    PID controller
    GIR 2002 PID
    Controller with universal input,
    PID control mode and
    3-point stepping controller.
    Optional als available with continuous output.

    Due to a compact construction and easy handling, the GIR 2002 is suitable excellently for easy controling systems.
    Temperature Probe for Aluminium Melt
    Extremely durable temperature probe for use in aluminium melt up to 1000°C
    As of 24.Nov.2005 all producers of electric and electronic devices must have a registration number of the   Stiftung EAR.  Without registration number, no goods are allowed to be put into circulation.

    Our registration number is:
    WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 93889386

    MPA Certification

    GMH 3830 / GMH 3850
    Our new moisture meter series got a certification of the Research and Testing Establishment for Materials and Structures, MPA Stuttgart, Otto-Graf-Institute. With the characterstic curve h.460 (timber) the instruments could be used for applications in the glued timber construction according to DIN 1052-1.

    A further quality feature of our new developed moisture meter series.
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